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I'm dreaming....

...of Christmas trees.  Lots of them.

I like Christmas trees.  I like themed Christmas trees.  I like to have a lot of Christmas trees.

I also like the old-fashioned fun and excitement of having a real Christmas tree put up on Christmas Eve, full of homemade decorations and lights.  We discovered a few years ago, when we thought we couldn't afford a real tree, that if you go to Home Depot or Lowes or a Christmas tree lot on Christmas Eve around or after 5 pm, you can often get a tree for $10 or less, sometimes even free.  We have gotten several lovely trees this way.  We bring it home and set it up with paper decorations, popcorn strings, bits of foil...anything that won't have to be removed when the tree goes out in the trash.  We also hang candy canes, gingerbread cookies, popcorn balls... It's amazing how festive and homey a tree decked out like this can look.  Part of our reason for this type of decor is our several young children and cat.

However, as I said before, I like lots of trees.  And there is no way I would be happy going the first part of the month treeless.  So, I have a plan I am slowly working out.  It may take a couple more Christmas's to get it done, but that's ok.

I want  a tall thin tree in the master bedroom, holding just glass and silver and blue ornaments.  White lights.

I want a 4 foot school themed tree. white? Big colored lights.

I want a 4 foot fairy bower themed tree...perhaps with all "natural" ornaments? Green or blue (or both?) lights.

I want a small tree for each of the children's rooms, with ornaments reflecting their interests and ornaments they made themselves.  That's three trees, one for the two girls rooms, one for Jet's and Scooter's room, and one for Rambo's and Kai's room.

I want a kitchen utensil and food themed tree, in the kitchen. (duh) white lights.

I want a tree with just nativity ornaments.  string of star lights.

I want a funky colored aluminum tree with strange ornaments, lol. depends on the color of the tree, maybe
         no lights?

Homemade ornament tree.  white lights.

Yeah.  That's a lot of trees.  Including the real one, that leaves us with.....11 trees.  Wow.  Maybe I should make one or two of them into wreaths or garlands?  The fairy bower one and the kitchen one would be easy wreaths or garlands.....maybe the school one too.  Ok, count those as wreaths.  For now.

Leaving us with only 8 trees.  Much more manageable.

I hang breakable/sentimental ornaments on garlands and wreaths around the house, or place them in shadow boxes.  I lost too many trying thinking I'd just train the littles.  Not a bad idea to train the babies at all, but don't use special ornaments to do so.

Edit:  Ooh!  I just had a great idea.  I have small blank wall in the kitchen where I could hang a garland in the shape of a Christmas tree.  Liking that idea for the kitchen wreath....



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