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Merry Christmas 2007

First post!  I hope a lot more people will join us here.

Meanwhile, a little bit about me, the owner/moderator.  First: this is my first community.  I don't know how good I'm going to be at running it.  Be patient please.

Name: Stormimay
Age: 27
Family: one husband, six kids, one cat. Various extended family members.
Christmas hope for 2007  That I will make realistic plans and keep them!  (yeah, both of those are a challenge for me)

This year will be both easier and more difficult than previous years.

1)I won't be pregnant, and my youngest will be 4 months old.
2)Our house is not a tiny little apartment cave: for the first time in our marriage we are in a HOUSE! and a pretty big one at that.
3) We AREN'T going out of town, finally.  Whew!
4) A fireplace!!  We finally have a fireplace!!!  I wonder if we could get it working....

More Difficult:
1) Six kids AND a cat.  Scooter and Rambo (3 yo boy and almost 2 yo boy) are the main concern...I'm not sure how Alice (8 month old kitten) is going to affect everything yet.
2) Very few decorations to work with: we didn't move a lot of them and this house is much larger so more area to cover.
3) Very tiny budget.  Well, that's somewhat normal for us...
4) Hubby's unknown work schedule.  We don't know where he will be working or how much he will be making, but it's GOT to be better than where he is at now.
5) Ugly colors on walls.  Maroon and dirty peach.  Anyone want to donate to my painting fund?

This will be a good year...I just must remember to stick to my goals and not start thinking too big or get too wrapped up in one idea.



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